Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Healing the Heroes Oklahoma Dove Hunt 2016

The “Healing the Heroes” organization, an absolute non-profit 501C3 foundation that believes in the therapeutic healing of wounded veterans has requested PGR assistance. Each year for the past 7 years they have taken a group of wounded veterans on a dove hunt in Northeastern Oklahoma area. This year they have dozens of veterans participating in this hunt. They are hosted for the weekend at absolutely no cost to the veteran. This year their event will be in Claremore on Saturday, September 03, 2016. They have requested the assistance of the PGR in moving these veterans from Owasso to Claremore, OK. PGR will assist in any way that is requested.

DATE: Saturday 03 September 2016

Hampton Inn
9009 N 121st East Ave
Owasso, OK

Riders must attend briefing if riding in escort.

KSU: 1400
LEO will be provided by Owasso PD, Rogers County Sheriff, Claremore PD.

WEATHER: Forecast high of 92 and partly cloudy. HYDRATE-HYDRATE-HYDRATE!!!!!!!!!

Randy “Hollywood” Dixon

TX Hunters, Abilene charity anticipate start of 2016 dove hunting season

By: Melissa Valdez

Children’s Miracle Network and Hendrick Medical Center are welcoming dove hunting season with an annual fundraiser, the Legend Dove Hunt.

"It's very important because this benefit actually equals out to a quarter of our proceeds for the Henrick Children's Hospital every year,” said Melinda Blay, a coordinator with Children’s Miracle Network.

The Legend Dove Hunt is a two-day event on Sept. 9 and 10. It will consist of group hunts, a Saturday dinner and live auctions. The proceeds help pay for necessary medical equipment, NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) renovations and upgrades.

"We're actually surpassing our sponsorship dollars this year, at least to last year’s numbers,” Blay said. “We're expecting a very large turn-out this year."

Blay also says the group is looking for silent and live auction items for their event dinner.

If you’d like to participate in the Legend Dove Hunt or want to donate auction items, you can contact Blay at mblay@ehendrick.org or call 325-670-6557.

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Californian 2016 Dove hunting opener Thursday, lots of public land opportunities

By Jim Matthews

The September 1 dove hunting season is expected to be similar to last season across Southern California. Preliminary reports show that dove production was similar to or above last year’s hatch, and that means bird numbers remain stable or slightly up from last opener.

There has also been far less tropical thunderstorm activity in the southern deserts, with most of the storms not crossing the Colorado River into California. These storms are frequently blamed for running doves out of the region just before the opener each year.
Overall, almost everyone contacted for this report agreed the 2016 dove opener should be equal to or better than the 2015 season.
Hunting are reminded they must use non-lead ammunition (steel shot) for doves on state wildlife areas and ecological reserves, which includes many of the lands listed below.

Here’s the region-by-region summary of the public land hunting areas with hot spots highlighted.

See the hunting areas and the complete VVDailyPress article

Monday, August 29, 2016

Texas Extended Dove Season Brings More Opportunity to Hunt, Bond

By Ed Greenberger

McCULLOCH COUNTY, Texas -- There's big news for dove hunters this season.

“This is the first year in about 80 years that we will actually have a 90-day hunting season on mourning doves and white-wing doves,” said Shaun Oldenburger with Texas Parks and Wildlife. “It's going to be an excellent opportunity this year, allows more flexibility for hunters to get out in the field with season dates in all three zones.”

The extra 20 days will allow families to spend some holiday time in the fields.

“Especially for folks that are really busy with soccer practice or football games and everything that goes on in the fall for kids and families now,” said Oldenburger.

And there are plenty of dove to aim for.

A wet spring and summer means a lot of young birds in the population.

“We're looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 million white wing doves and 30 million mourning doves,” Oldenburger said.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Southwest Iowa promoting dove-hunting opportunities 2016

Nishnabotna Wildlife Unit has planted an additional 92 acres of dove sunflower food plots on 4 wildlife management areas (WMA’s) that are open to public hunting in Mills and Fremont Counties this year. The new plots listed from north to south include: St. Mary’s Island with three plots, total 58 acres and 10 miles from Plattsmouth; Haynie Slough, 1 plot, 10 acres and 10 miles from Plattsmouth; Noddleman Island, 1 plot, 11 acres and 10 miles from Plattsmouth; and Auldon Bar, 1 plot, 13 acres and 17 miles from Plattsmouth.

“All the new plots are looking really good and should provide some excellent dove hunting on the season opener on Sept. 1, except for the Noddleman Island plot,” said Matt Dollison, the Nishnabotna Unit Wildlife Biologist. “It was taken over by annual sunflowers, so that plot probably won’t mature until after the opener. We will mow the Noddleman Island plot a little later than the others, so it will probably be a good spot for folks that can’t get out during the first part of the season.”

Hunters can check the Hunting Atlas on the Iowa DNR’s website to find these WMA’s and all the other public hunting areas in the state. They can access the DNR Hunting Atlas at: http://programs.iowadnr.gov/maps/huntingatlas/default.html.

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Missouri Dove hunting season opens Sept. 1; a good number expected this year

By Ken White

Since Sept. 1 comes on a Thursday this year, the large population of doves within the state won’t have much time to dodge hunters before the big Labor Day weekend. Which will be fine with many hunters like George Cooper, a retiree who has spent many opening days through the years working.

“This year,“ Cooper said, “I will be able to surprise the birds on opening day. With dove hunting, the first few days of the season can be pretty much it. After the first big blast, the birds seem to get smart and by the next weekend, they usually are adjusted to hunters or a few cool nights will move them farther south. A lot of the opening day birds are local, so there are still plenty of birds up north yet to pass through the state.”

Reports from hunters and farmers in Missouri has shown a good population of doves prior to opening day. The season will run through Nov. 29, an addition of 20 days compared to last year.

As usual, places where there are plenty of water and food, the doves start to bunch up. Several farmers, including Jack Holland, found such a spot recently. He didn’t recall seeing so many doves as he was cutting silage.

For several years, I found an excellent spot to hunt doves. Dead cottonwood trees near a small pond located close to a grain field lured a lot of birds that didn’t seem to leave after I started shooting. My gun barrel was hot during the half-hour it took to bag the limit.

George Cooper has a favorite spot in Vernon County where he usually starts the dove season and along with his shotgun, he carries a fishing rod and reel. He said, “There is this nice farm pond where the birds like to get water on their way to the nearby roost. The pond also has some big bass and bluegill so whenever I go dove hunting there, I bring along some fishing gear and if the hunting is slow, I pick up the rod, catch a grasshopper and can usually catch a mess of fish. It doubles my pleasure.”

There are more than 180 conservation areas located across the state, and many of them are managed for doves, including sunflower fields, which draw a lot of birds. Twenty-one of those conservation areas require nontoxic shot. They have large wetlands where sizable numbers of waterfowl concentrate in the fall. The nontoxic shot requirement applies to all hunting with a shotgun. For a list of these areas plus information on dove, rail, snipe and teal, check the Migratory Bird Hunting Digest for 2016, which is available at any place permits are sold.

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Nebraska’s dove season opening on September 1

By Rick Windham RWmedia@atcjet.net

Nebraska’s 2016 dove season opens September 1 and runs until October 30. Are you ready? There are lots of birds in the region so the beginning of the season should be a good one for most hunters.
The US Fish and Wildlife Service conducts an annual survey on dove populations and the data from that study is outstanding. There are some 300 million doves in North America. Since the arrival of the Eurasian Collared Dove, the overall population is growing.

There are documented cases of the Eurasian Collared Dove nesting in North America in every month but January. With that kind of reproductive rate it doesn’t take long to build up a population. Doves easily are the most populous game bird in North America.
If you have hunted doves or any other migratory bird in the past, you have probably received a Harvest Information Program (HIP) survey from the USFWS asking about your hunting success. Have you ever wondered what the USFWS does with that data? Well, it is used to determine the total harvest for the previous year and set limits on the next hunting season.

HIP data from 2015 showed that about 15 million doves were harvested last year. Some one million hunters spent about three million days in the field to do this. For those anti-hunting groups who always claim hunting doves (or hunting anything) is bad, the HIP data clearly shows that we are in no danger of exterminating or even damaging the resource.

“Dove hunting is a great outdoor experience and quite exciting,” said Aaron Hershberger, Information and Education Specialist with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. “It will test the best of shooters. The average is something like six shells fired for every bird harvested.”

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

WV's earliest hunting seasons will begin on Sept. 1 2016

John McCoy

The action isn't always hot for West Virginia's early September dove and goose hunts, but the hunters usually are.

Daytime temperatures for the seasons' traditional Sept. 1 openers usually range from uncomfortably warm to oppressively hot. After a long summer's worth of inactivity, hunters don't seem to mind.

“Opening day is the big day, especially for dove hunting,” said Mike Peters, migratory bird project leader for the state Division of Natural Resources. “If you go to [wildlife management areas] like Green Bottom, McClintic, Pleasant Creek, South Branch and Hillcrest, you'll find lots and lots of people out dove hunting.”

The same goes for ponds, lakes and agricultural fields frequented by resident Canada geese. The birds haven't been shot at since late January, and they aren't quite as wary as they are after pellets start flying. Hunters, hoping to take advantage of that early naiveté, make it a point to get out early.

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Texas A&M 2016 Veteran Dove Hunt 9/11

Texas A&M will be hosting a hunt for veterans on 9/11 in Sabinal. To participate by sponsorship in this event to honor those who protect our freedom call us at: 210-764-1189.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Special Controlled Dove Hunt Drawings in Southwest Ohio

Special controlled dove hunts will be held on August 27th, 2016 and not August 20th as printed in the 2016-2017 hunting digest.The drawing will be held at Fallsville, Rush Run, Spring Valley, Indian Creek, and Bott wildlife areas.These controlled hunts will occur during the first two days of the season, Thursday, Sept.1, and Friday, Sept.2, 2016.Controlled hunts will also be held at the St.Marys State Fish Hatchery on Thursday, Sept.1, Saturday, Sept.3, Saturday, Sept.10, and Saturday, Sept.17.

Read more http://wildlife.ohiodnr.gov/stay-informed/news-announcements/post/special-controlled-dove-hunt-drawings-in-southwest-ohio

South Carolina Youth dove hunt to be hosted in Abbeville County Sept. 3

A youth dove hunt, sponsored by S.C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) and U.S. Forest Service, is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 3 at the U.S. Forest Service Power of Partnerships Dove Field in Abbeville County.

The field is at the end of Bass Road, which is about five miles east of Abbeville on SC Highway 72. Pre-registration is not required, and the field will be open for the youth hunt from noon until 6 p.m.

For more information on the Sept. 3 youth dove hunt in Abbeville County, refer to the SCDNR website at http://www.dnr.sc.gov/hunting/youthhunting/specifichuntcriteria.html or call SCDNR's Abbeville Field Office at (864) 223-2731.

Eligibility for these hunts requires adults 21 years of age or older to bring one or two youths who are 15 years of age or younger. Youths 16 and 17 years of age may participate in the hunt with or without an accompanying adult. The following regulations also apply on special youth dove hunts:

Adults accompanying youth are not allowed to shoot at any time during special youth dove hunts.

Adults must remain in the field and closely supervise participating youth at all times.

In parties of one adult and two youths, only one youth hunter may be handling a loaded firearm at any given time.

Bag limit is 12 birds per youth participant. Birds harvested by individual hunters must be kept separate, and in no instance may an individual hunter harvest more than 12 birds.

Youth under 16 years of age do not have to be licensed or possess a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) permit. Youth 16 or 17 years old must possess a free Migratory Bird Permit (HIP) and have a Junior Sportsman License or an Apprentice License and a WMA permit.

by Greg Lucas
Media Relations Coordinator - Upstate
Office of Media & Outreach

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Benelli On Assignment - Argentina Dove Hunt - FULL EPISODE! - Video

In this episode of Benelli On Assignment, host Joe Coogan teams up with six outdoor writers who travel to Cordoba, Argentina to torture-test Benelli's brand new Vinci shotgun during a high-volume dove shoot. This three-day, hot-barreled shoot tests the limits of the Vinci and the shooters as they fire nearly 90,000 rounds of 12-gauge ammo at the never-ending flocks of doves.

For More Bird Hunting Videos Please Visit BirdHunterTV.com

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Texas September Dove Hunt Video

Rise-Kill-Eat Outdoors is proud to bring you September Dove. This video is the consolidation of four hunts in South Texas. With access to some of the greatest dove hunting fields north of the Rio Grande we head South to be a part of the annual celebration of the coming migration. We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed shooting it. Special thanks to the hunt crew Joe, Matt, Clayton, Seth, Casey, and Chase. Each of these guys contributed in the hunt and camera work and above all else were patient to the process of filming a hunt