Thursday, August 25, 2016

WV's earliest hunting seasons will begin on Sept. 1 2016

John McCoy

The action isn't always hot for West Virginia's early September dove and goose hunts, but the hunters usually are.

Daytime temperatures for the seasons' traditional Sept. 1 openers usually range from uncomfortably warm to oppressively hot. After a long summer's worth of inactivity, hunters don't seem to mind.

“Opening day is the big day, especially for dove hunting,” said Mike Peters, migratory bird project leader for the state Division of Natural Resources. “If you go to [wildlife management areas] like Green Bottom, McClintic, Pleasant Creek, South Branch and Hillcrest, you'll find lots and lots of people out dove hunting.”

The same goes for ponds, lakes and agricultural fields frequented by resident Canada geese. The birds haven't been shot at since late January, and they aren't quite as wary as they are after pellets start flying. Hunters, hoping to take advantage of that early naiveté, make it a point to get out early.

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