Monday, August 29, 2016

Texas Extended Dove Season Brings More Opportunity to Hunt, Bond

By Ed Greenberger

McCULLOCH COUNTY, Texas -- There's big news for dove hunters this season.

“This is the first year in about 80 years that we will actually have a 90-day hunting season on mourning doves and white-wing doves,” said Shaun Oldenburger with Texas Parks and Wildlife. “It's going to be an excellent opportunity this year, allows more flexibility for hunters to get out in the field with season dates in all three zones.”

The extra 20 days will allow families to spend some holiday time in the fields.

“Especially for folks that are really busy with soccer practice or football games and everything that goes on in the fall for kids and families now,” said Oldenburger.

And there are plenty of dove to aim for.

A wet spring and summer means a lot of young birds in the population.

“We're looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 million white wing doves and 30 million mourning doves,” Oldenburger said.

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